Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work Backpacks

While most of the gear on this blog is designed in some way for the backcountry, we all need something to tote our work around in (at least those of us who are not independently wealthy.) I've come across a few good solutions. For years I used, and still have and use, very solid, inexpensive bags from Brooklyn Industries, from right here in the heart of Brooklyn ( They make functional items. My one issue with the one I've had is the lack of structure - not that too many nylon-type bags will stand up on their own - which is a pain when you're working out of the bag. My brother-in-law, the delightful Robert Casper, is always sporting outstanding urban gear so I went to him and he directed me to Rickshaw Bags, from San Francisco ( I got a waterproof version of their largest item, the backpack (they are largely into messenger bags,) and it rocks. It's not light, but you can remove some of the internal organizers and the laptop sleeve, and it's a stand-alone item. It also can hold several day's clothing and if I don't need a suit bag (Patagonia's Burrito design has been resurrected, and is better than ever), it will do for a business trip. Finally, if you're too up market for even Rickshaw's pricey nylon bags, the Saddleback Leather Company ( makes truly indestructible and beautiful items. I got a duffel for my dad recently and a man who gets excited about very little got excited. One of my business partners and I also gave a briefcase / pack to our CEO and he regularly gets compliments on it. They are not cheap, or light, but if you like something you can hand down to the next generation, they're where it's at.