Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dynafit TLT Speed Binding

These are an outstanding match for a light ski, fat or thin. I have them on Trabs, but the more serious backwoods crew I take tips from in the Adirondacks likes them on some heavier BD wide skis. There are a few things I noted in terms of differences when skiing on them with an incredibly hospitable Park City guru: they do not have the little channels on the pins which allow the other Dynafit binding pins to clear ice from your toe insets if you step in slightly and then run your foot forward and back (a useful thing to have, as ice often builds in there and we don't all carry roofing nails with us); and (obviously) they do not have ski brakes, so you need to wear straps on piste and/or not lose track of your skis on steep or deep ground. Otherwise they are everything you might need, just less of it. A very light and elegant package.

Ski Trab Stelvio FreeRide Alpine Ski

I know I indicated more packs next time, but since I just managed to put my skis down for the summer, they were on my mind (and yes, that's a long time to wait to wax, sharpen and put away these tools, but what can I say I'm slow.)

When these arrived at my local ski shop, the employees were all stunned. I think the comment was 'sorry they're so wet, we've all been drooling all over them.' The more meaningful indication of their quality was that the 2 skis measured exactly the same in grams: basically unheard of. These are a tremendous ski for the weight, and even without that consideration they are an excellent item.

I used it out of bounds in UT, at Solitude, and in the backwoods of the Adirondacks. Therefore they had a chance to play in 1+ foot power, and on rain hardened ice, and everything in between. They did just dandy on all of that. I went relatively short - I'm 6'2", ski these with a 25-45 lb pack and am 190+ - and the 178 is great. I am not a super aggressive skier, and at higher speeds on groomers there was very little chatter - although the light weight was notable. An excellent item and if on sale a great value. Paired with TLT Speed Turns (first generation) and boots ranging from the old Blue Garmont Super Rides (pretty comfortable) to Dynafit TLT 5s (yellow and mellow) all the way to TLT 7s (light, right, stiffer than peers and super comfortable.). They ski so well I put them on an adjustable heel so they can be skied by many, for years to come. Lack of rocker not a notable lack in terms of powder performance, although it is nicer with rocker if you can float the soft as you choose.